Times of Transition: 5 Tools to Cope

Times of Transition: 5 Tools to Cope

I wrote this blog post a year ago in March of 2018 with a long poem about times of transition and felt the need to update it a year later with 5 new tools to cope - please enjoy (and if this resonated with you, feel free to comment below or email me at: hello@beautyinparenting.com)! xx

5 tools I use with parents/clients to cope:

  • Releasing emotion: Taking the space and time to release an emotion (tears of sadness, anger, frustration, a feeling of guilt or shame, etc.) is important to do when you can - even in the shower or at a time when you have space to yourself is incredibly-helpful

  • Breathwork: Practicing take deep heart or belly breaths of the best lengths (I suggest inhaling for 4 seconds through the nose, expanding the belly and then exhaling for 4 seconds through the mouth) and at important times regularly helps us process things physiologically

  • Journaling/writing/singing: Expressing through our written words in a blank or prompted journal or art (which I know children can enjoy immensely) or even using a tool such as singing to use the voice as an instrument and find a sense of comfort and joy is incredibly-powerful. I suggest purchasing a journal or finding a notepad that resonates with you visually and brings you a sense of comfort and joy :)

  • Essential oils from DoTerra: Frankincense and Balance blend are two oils I love to calm the mind and body through simply inhaling them or placing a drop (diluted with a carrier oil such as coconut, olive, jojoba, etc. or not) on the wrists, spine and bottoms of the feet; Console blend (already diluted in the Touch rollerball) with rose and sandalwood is a HUGE favorite of mine and others on the wrists and heart for emotional connection and feelings relating to grief; Peace blend (already diluted in the Touch rollerball) with lavender and spearmint is lovely on the heart to calm the heart and promote deep breathing when thoughts and situations come up

  • Visioning: It can be quite difficult to think about the future during a time of transition (and please do so when the time feels right), but having visual/written/phone reminders of the little things to do (just a few each day to keep it simple) can help us stay aligned with a daily routine and look at the bigger picture

  • Simply being observant of things, people, places, and thoughts that can be triggers is a really useful practice because there are times when it is helpful to work through them and times when we can use them to help move us forward - and that is where coaching can really help.

For a free 30-minute coaching session (phone/video) where I can personally assist you with something that is going on in your life or in the life of your child, you may schedule a time at: www.calendly.com/beautyinparenting so that we can lovingly connect (evenings/weekends available) xx