The Joys of Life

The Joys of Life

This month of April, it's a pretty busy one for me: I have places to be, people (and pets) to see, and two businesses to keep growing.  Always present to hold space for others when I can.  

But I'm ALSO: 

-Putting my hair up in crazy braids and Princess Leia buns

-Giggling at random things I see on social media

-Continuing to practice the piano and guitar on the weekends

-Frolicking with my pet dog and cat

-Laughing hysterically with friends

-Trying out some new food

-Visiting a place I haven't been to in a long time

-Listening to new music everyday

-Playing dress-up and putting on that outfit I haven't worn in awhile

-Enjoying the gift of Mother Nature, which is always present to us if we choose to see her

-Drinking beverages out of my fun wine glasses now (since I actually don't drink alcohol anymore due to my body and mind not enjoying it)

-Eating chocolate (you know, the healthier kind (lol it does not take the fun out of it shhhh)

-Coloring and doodling and doing more art

-Attending a movie for the fun of it

-Having spontaneous dance parties with myself and others

Do you catch my drift? 

These are all things that children traditionally do. 


Did you know? Your inner child never goes away.

Want to know why it's SO hard to remember that?

Because we, as adults, have responsibilities.

Ever meet people who are SO happy in life? 

It's because they CHOOSE to be. 

We can rant all day on Twitter about tiny things or post monologues about past lives.

Or we can simply accept to see the good in things. The lessons. 

In this lifetime, we are meant to be creatures who understand and feel both the negative and positive of life.  

As much as society thinks we should be happy 24/7, that is simply not always possible.  It is, however, possible to have appreciation for the little things in life.

So, I ask you: 

What can YOU do today to make yourself happy?

What will bring YOU joy?

What small thing do YOU enjoy that no one else seems to think much of?

Because, you know, we never know when our time will end. (Morbid, yes, I know.)

But we do know how to enjoy life.