Tropical Smoothies & Ice Creams: How-To's for Quality Time in the Kitchen

Tropical Smoothie & Ice Cream Ideas

Are you someone who would love to have more fun time in the kitchen with your child while you both get to play around (and save some money by not having to splurge each time at the cafe nearby)?

Cooking together is a huge connection point for the families I talk to, so here’s a quick cheatsheet (feel free to add in 1 drop of an essential oil for a new flavor profile!) so that you can not only have one fun meal, but SO many combinations to choose from with cool, fruity treats (whether as a beverage or dessert or even popsicle) this Summer and year-round - enjoy! :)

For allergies and food sensitivities, feel free to modify!

Let me know below in the comments what combination you’ve tried - I love hearing your ideas!

Choose a base

Milk | Non-Dairy Milk | Pineapple Juice | Apple Juice | Cream (dairy/non) | Water

Choose a fruit

Mango | Berries | Papaya | Peaches | Pineapple | Guava | Apple | Citrus

Add any greens or powdered greens

Spinach | Kale | Spring Greens | Arugula | Celery

Protein source

Protein powder | Chia Seeds | PB Assist Jr. (probiotic) | Nuts/nut butters | Yogurt


Maple Syrup | Coconut Sugar | Dates | Stevia | Vanilla Extract | Honey


Chocolate shavings | Ground nuts | Fruit slices | Nut Butter drizzle | Coconut shavings

Optional: Essential Oil (1 drop; taste as needed)

Peppermint | Lime | Lemon | Grapefruit | Ginger | Tangerine

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