Self-Compassion: Letting Go of Perfection for a Healthier Life

It's really easy as a human being to want to have it all, get it all done and be validated constantly for who we are and what we have achieved.  

It it is the #1 thing I hear from parents:

"I feel like I am not doing enough compared to x, y and z"

"I don't know how I will get this all done"

"I just wish that I had more time to spend with my family that was relaxing"

Letting go of perfection is not an easy thing to do as a human being.  We see others around us who are seemingly doing "better" in life while we perceive ourselves to be less than.  What we will find in life, though, is that "perfection" doesn't exist.  Money doesn't equal true happiness. Having an abundance of things and objects in our lives doesn't fill any sort of void that exists within.

It is true that a lot of stress exists in parenthood.  So how do we let go?:

1) Breathe before you react to things that stress yourself out

2) Think more about what you want to see in life in a positive way versus what you are lacking

3) Focus on your strengths and what you are great at

4) Find gratitude in the small things - what we appreciate in life not only gives us a sense of deep love and satisfaction but feels really peaceful in the body and mind

5) Step out of your comfort zone more and more when you can (little by little if you feel like it) - we learn by experience and practice what works best for us and everyone 

6) Lastly: Know that you are enough as you are right now.