Essential Oils & Postpartum Self-Care

Essential Oils for Postpartum Help

Emotions can get the best of us during and especially AFTER pregnancy - however you are adjusting, here are some of my top tips to help you find flow again:

  • Frankincense and lavender (relaxing) have worked really well in small amounts in the first trimester, especially, with a simple inhale or small sample bottle on-the-go simply as a reminder to p a u s e

  • Rose Touch (rollerball) is great in general throughout life (or try Rose Lotion - see photo above!) - it is warm, sweet and beautiful on the heart and pulse points as a comforting floral. Console Blend (frankincense, ylang ylang, sandalwood and rose) is lovely also in a diffuser for those days when you really could use a hug.

  • Balance blend with spruce, blue chamomile, tansy flower and frankincense is beautiful to balance out anxious feelings - I use it on the back of my neck and bottoms of feet or a simple inhale to remind me of a forest - really nice on rainy days :)

  • Citruses like wild orange, lemongrass and Citrus Bliss blend are wonderful to uplift mood out of any low feelings - a morning inhale or a few drops in the diffuser can really shift one’s day (especially in the late afternoon).

  • Having the "me" time to meditate, journal out any strong emotions (I recommend the “Five Minute Journal” or “Practice You” by mom and DoTerra leader Elena Brower) to simply connect with yourself can be beautiful - especially if you are becoming more sensitive to smells/sounds/interactions

  • Message me at: with any of your questions or feel free to schedule a time to chat at: to discuss what oils and techniques would work best for you on your beautiful journey of life!

  • And if you are needing an extra de-stress session, try a virtual 30-minute guided meditation session with me - I use gorgeous music and healing words to help you feel more at peace with your inner world 💚💖❤️