5 Tips for Smoother Dropoffs & Pickups: Toddlers Through Teens

5 Tips for Smoother Dropoffs & Pickups: for Toddlers Through Teens

After a chat with a parent last week about the toddler being emotional at school dropoff and the mom feeling guilty: I'm sharing with you my top 5 tips for toddlers through teens to practice having these transition times in the day feel smoother and more open:

A child's anxiety or tears don't reflect on you as a parent - in my experience as a former teacher, children simply are seeking a few more minutes of connection with you

Practice positive verbal reassurance as the day starts (and for you as a parent, too!) ("I hope you have a great day!" // You're going to have a really nice day today doing xyz and then mommy/daddy will be back soon!" // "Sure, we can have X more minutes together") - the more they hear this, the greater they will emotionally associate you with ease and trust

Practice this verbal assurance outside of school, too - this way, it's common for them to hear your communication and you both can have an easier day

Sometimes children just need quiet music, hugs, a hand held or pat on the back in the morning or after a long school day instead of many questions or much communication

I also recommend snacktime after school, dinnertime or bedtime (and to ask your child when is the best time to sit down and chat if you intuitively can't tell) to talk about their day

Bonus Tip: A comfort toy or object nearby really helps the child to feel more comfortable

Remember that you and your child are doing the best that they can - and don't be afraid to ask a teacher or mentor to get a bigger picture on their day! :)

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