Oils for Toddlers

Oils For Toddlers

My most recent interactions with parents regarding the oils has been toddler moms who simply wish to have their child start their day off right - and sometimes I end up helping parents create a cute space or corner in a bedroom, bathroom or living room where children can safely learn to use oils from the Kids Collection of 7 rollerballs (highly-diluted blends) on their own only if they are verbal, understand what oils are and you have confidence in your child using them.

So whether “right” looks like quietly, gently or confidently for your toddler to start their day: here are my top recommendations for parents of toddlers to use essential oils the safest and most effective way for your little one! (and be sure to read the notes at the bottom for my general guidelines with oils for kids):

Tantrums and Emotions

I recommend Balance or the Kids Collection counterpart, Steady - try a grounding oil (and one that doesn’t make them sleepy) such as Frankincense, Vetiver, Cedarwood or Peace blend either diffused, inhaled or diluted and rolled on the bottoms of feet - just 1 drop/roll is needed!

DDR Prime oil - just 3-4 drops in a 10 ml rollerball diluted with fractionated coconut oil or another carrier oil - is wonderful on the spine to help balance emotions and for development, as well!

Restful Sleep

Serenity blend or the Kids Collection version Calmer blend both contain lavender and roman chamomile —- but if your little one doesn’t respond well to lavender (which can happen), try my favorite oil magnolia on the back of the neck, spine and/or bottoms of feet or even cedarwood or vetiver diffused

I do not recommend an oil blend such as Breathe for toddlers because the eucalyptus may be too strong to breathe in.


Frankincense is the #1 oil I recommend first for any kids’ skincare issues because it is gentle and has a wide variety of uses for skin irritations, redness and cellular repair; you may also wish to use lavender, magnolia or helichrysum (try 1 drop first) both diluted or even the Stronger blend with rose and frankincense from the Kids Collection.

Correct-X is a natural ointment that is petroleum-free and preservative-free - it is made with frankincense, helichrysum, jojoba, tea tree, cedarwood and lavender - a little goes a long way for all those boo-boo’s!

Immune Support

Stronger is a gentle, beautiful blend made of rose, cedarwood, litsea and frankincense from the Kids Collection that works well on the spine and bottoms of feet and Frankincense, of course, is a great all-around oil for wellness. Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca) rollerball version I recommend using 1 drop or less since it is powerful for skin/immune support.

I do not recommend an oil blend such as OnGuard for toddlers because it contains hot/strong oils such as clove and eucalyptus and may cause discomfort and irritation.

Tummy Aches

Simply combine a drop of lavender with spearmint (gentler version of peppermint) on the belly with a carrier oil and rub clockwise for best digestion

Tamer is the brand-new digestive blend from the Kids Collection (which has been updated to include all 7 blends/caps/flashcards in the nice pouch) and it smells so lovely! Made with Japanese peppermint, parsley seed, spearmint, ginger and black pepper - I LOVE it and it is a great alternative to DigestZen Touch (see below) - THIS is a great one to keep around on road trips, too!

DigestZen Touch (pre-diluted) is a blend with peppermint, fennel, ginger, anise, coriander and more that I recommend using 1 drop or less of on the belly for digestive issues if your child prefers the scent over Tamer or if you need an alternative to Tamer

Mental Focus and Confidence

Thinker (Kids Collection) is one of my personal favorites and contains vetiver, clementine, rosemary and peppermint for uplift and is great on shirt collars and inhaled; Brave (Kids Collection) is a sweet orange blend with cinnamon, osmanthus and amyris that adults even love! Since these both contain citruses, I recommend inhaling or using on the bottoms of feet instead of on areas of the skin that will be exposed to the sun if spending time outdoors.

Growing Pains and Active Kids

Rescuer from the Kids Collection contains copaiba, lavender, spearmint, zanthoxylum to soothe muscles and the body after all of that playtime! Also try simply frankincense or anything relaxing such as lavender, chamomile or magnolia (diluted is best) to soothe the body.

Deep Blue can be quite a strong blend, so I do not recommend it for use on children.

Kids Collection

This cute kit is the #1 recommendation I have for toddler parents, especially, because it is perfectly-diluted for kids and oils like lavender, frankincense and chamomile are already contained in certain blends for best usage - also check out the colored educational flash cards for kids and colored carabiners for individual travel!

Oil Storage Options

I absolutely LOVE this cute keychain for parents to carry which holds 8 sample oils (comes with the sample bottles) and the wooden box that holds 25 oils for bigger storage/travel.

I also recommend making a few spray bottles (which you can get from DoTerra):

One for the bathroom/diaper pail that is made with water + a few drops each of oils like spearmint, Purify blend or even a drop of lavender to freshen or reduce the scent

And another to clean countertops, garbage cans/diaper pails and surfaces that has a few drops of OnGuard oil and water

Since the spray bottles come in a pack of 3, you can also choose to make one for travel for SLEEP to spray instead of carrying a diffuser: try lavender, Serenity blend, cedarwood, roman chamomile, vetiver, Balance blend, Calmer blend or any other usual favorites for your family to spray in the air at night or naptime - just add water!

General Guidelines for Oils for Kids:

Generally, no more than 1 drop is needed at a time unless it is a pre-diluted Kids Collection or Touch blend

Feel free to try a carrier oil such as jojoba or almond oil if coconut oil isn’t effective (1 drop essential oil to 2 drops carrier oil and so forth)

To use less than a drop of oil to test on the inner elbow for a day to see if there is any reaction OR to simply test out a new oil: use a toothpick dipped in the bottle!

To remove an oil from the skin: apply a carrier oil to the essential oil, wipe off with a paper towel/cloth and then use soap and water

I do not recommend adding essential oils to bath water for children as it can be too strong

Try to avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, inner nose and sensitive areas - please note that I do not recommend internal usage/consumption of oils

New to oils or wish to understand them more? Receive my 2 free companion printables on parenting, mindset and essential oils to create a daily routine with your kids so your day flows smoothly!

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