Essential Oil Blends for Concentration: InTune vs Thinker

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Essential Oil Blends for Concentration: InTune vs Thinker (DoTerra)

I'm asked quite often by parents which oils are best for themselves and their children for more concentration (academically and in general) - here's a fascinating, quick breakdown of 2 of my favorite blends! Simply pick the feeling that fits best for you:

Clarity and Calm: InTune is great for those times when your mind just wishes to relax and settle into one thing from overwhelming times - contains Frankincense, Lime, Ylang Ylang flower and is sweet, light and bright - I love it on my wrists, neck and temples 😍🌸
Clarity and Alertness: Thinker from the Kids Collection has a gorgeous, stronger scent of peppermint, clementine and vetiver root combined with rosemary and is when your mind needs a huge uplift when inhaled and a burst of freshness/energy during brain fog - I adore this on my wrists and it can even be worn on a shirt collar 😍💚🌿
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