The Practice of Gratitude

The Practice of Gratitude

On days when I feel like I have it all together and am really grateful, I have to remember that gratitude is not a one-time thing.


It is not something that I say in the mornings and then go off on my day with.


It is something that I love. Something which I understand and appreciate. It is a process to go from days when you talk down to yourself so much to a day when you can look in the mirror and be grateful for simply YOU. Your being, your soul, your body, your wisdom, and even your breath.


Those moments when I have not been grateful, are the moments in which I realize that a higher power understands that I am not quite ready for good to come.  How can we, in an environment of shame and resentment, nourish that which is good?  How can we know how to take care of the incoming good?


This is why it is so beautiful and so humbling to take care of yourself.  To have a practice of thinking about and writing that which you are grateful for.  EVEN (and especially) on days when you wake up on the most chaotic, dreary mornings.  And definitely on days when you are standing in the sun. 


Here are five things that I was grateful for this morning:

1) My ability to breathe: To take those deep breaths of peace and calm and to honor those times in which I am aware of how short my breaths are.

2) The sun: I am a huge fan of Mother Nature and the sun literally is always there for us. Even behind the clouds. It gives us light in all amounts. And thank goodness for that. 

3) Social media: Without social media, I would not have the opportunity to find, cherish, and connect with those who have both a similar view to love and a differing view to really think about, learn from and even agree to disagree with. 

4) The clean water: From which to bathe, drink, water my plants, and that which is in my body at all times. That which I fill myself up with.

5) My ability to be compassionate with myself: For me to be that parent to my own inner child and to take care of myself is such a gift.  As I am more and more compassionate with myself, therein I can take that compassion and give it to others, so that perhaps they, too, will recognize what compassion is and give it to themselves. 

Fun Note: I am a part of a group on Facebook that celebrates gratitude as we each embark on the journey of sharing our gratitudes (both small and large) for 100 days.  Started by a mentor of mine, it is a very loving, accepting group of individuals from around the world -- and no worries, if you miss a day or three, just start right back where you left off :-)  Go here to check it out!