Flow, Ease and Joy

Flow, Ease and Joy

Because we all, as humans, tend to make mountains out of molehills, below are 5 tips that you can do right now to live life less from a place of stress and irritation and more from a place of flow, ease and joy.  It takes much more energy physically and mentally to be stressed and frustrated and that, my friend, is how we eventually feel so off that we can become ill at times.

The times in my life when I really stressed over something, either of 2 things happened: 1) I completely ruined the situation or 2) The situation turned out to be WAY better than I thought :)

So, feel free to really think about or journal this out: How can YOU make life a little easier today?:

1) Mondays, generally the first workday of the week, really don't have to be stressful or scary if you just see them as another day to love others, be loving and do things that you love - or even just "like".  Yes, there will be big meetings, people you may not want to interact with and deadlines to meet - but if you actually zoom out and see the value and big picture in all of what you do and WHY you are doing what you do, things are really not as bad in the moment as they should be.  Remember: only YOU create your reality.

2) Not react as much to the little things: Slow traffic, bad coffee, coworkers, cancelled appointments, missed connections, and, yes - even not achieving your goal for this week.  

3) Take deep breaths. (Go on - really. You deserve it.)

4) Try to view a situation from a loving, compassionate viewpoint.  For example, if you are a parent: Say you are a parent and your child spends Monday morning upset because they have to go to school.  Which feels better to you?:

a) Becoming upset over it and letting it ruin your morning

b) Taking 5 minutes to figure out why they don't want to go to school (they could be tired, sick, anxious, etc.) and feeling better afterwards

5) Be your own loving cheerleader: Can you take 5 minutes out of your day to write down 3 things you are grateful for each morning and at night?  What are you excited about?  What did you accomplish in the day?  What happened that surprised you?  How well did you handle a stressful situation or elevate a really great one to begin with?  

-I hope that these tips serve you well to help you to realize how simple it is to bring more ease and joy into your life so that things flow better and you are not only happier, but healthier overall with a wonderful mind, body and spirit! :)