DoTerra 2019 New Products Highlights

DoTerra 2019 New Products Highlights

Click and see more photos below of products and DIY blends using the new items!

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to try the newly-released products at the Pittsburgh, PA stop of the DoTerra Together Tour - here are some of my thoughts and highlights (and email me at: or message me on Instagram or Facebook at @beautyinparenting for any questions)!

Tamer from the Kids Collection: smells SO good and different from DigestZen blend - both children and adults will really enjoy it!

Adaptiv (calming blend) Collection: one of my favorite scents (in Touch, 15 ml oil and capsules) - smells citrusy and floral with magnolia, orange, sweetgum, rosemary and more - and helps you to feel calm and focused - try a bit of the Touch form on the spine and back of the neck with your teen if they enjoy the scent!

Black Spruce: deeply-grounding (like standing in the middle of a forest) - can’t wait to blend it with others topically (great for skin), massage with the neck, shoulders, back and legs or without a carrier oil and a few drops in the diffuser (goes well with citrus and floral oils)

Yarrow Pom Body Renewal Serum & Capsules: A nice blend of yarrow flower and pomegranate, this time of year (Autumn here in the Northern hemisphere) is perfect for using these for dry skin (and try the Yarrow Pom oil from last year on in your face moisturizer) - I noticed a difference immediately in the texture and tone of my skin!

Lemon Eucalyptus: A variety of eucalyptus (not a blend of lemon and eucalyptus) - a unique, beautiful scent that will go really well in a diffuser or to clean your home with

Citronella: Keeps bugs away, reduces stress and nice to add a drop to shampoo/conditioner for scalp massage and added shine!

Celery Seed: for those who wish to have the benefits of celery and celery juice for digestive support - try a drop in water - this is a gamechanger!

Turmeric Capsules: perfect for overall whole body immune support (especially 1 at bedtime) and on-the-go!

Peppermint Softgels: great digestively for ongoing issues and for travel!

Rose oil (undiluted) - wonderful for skin soothing and tone, massage with a carrier oil, diffusing, and to try in the kitchen!

Volo Diffusers: these black and white beauties look great in any space - very stylish marble features!