Why I Chose doTERRA

Why I Chose doTERRA

It is my purpose in life to guide others to feel free and expansive and find the peace and confidence to take care of themselves.

doTERRA is a company that I was introduced to years ago passing through a school fair - at the time, I was a busy preschool teacher and decidedly-then, did not have much time to devote to learning more about the products.

However, in the years passing, I grew to know an abundance of people who used the products and ended up having loved ones educate me on the benefits of the products in my new meditative practice and for overall mood management.

It started out with a few products such as Balance and Frankincense that helped to really ground my body after days of stress and anxious feelings and then turned into a complete collection of oils to not only use in my daily practice but also in the home for a natural environment.

I found very quickly that this company is built upon beautiful, ethical standards and a huge, huge heart that extends to not only everyone in the corporate offices and production teams, but laborers worldwide, wellness advocates AND customers of all kinds.  

Teaching others that natural solutions exist for things such as: stress, mood management, physical discomfort and personal care is ALWAYS an enormous gift because I am empowering others to take care of themselves in a new way. 

Building a team of my own full of people whom I am SO proud of on top of being a part of a really amazing global team of over 22,000 gorgeous souls is more than I could ever ask for. 

I am also helping my own family feel better, sleep better, make informed decisions about their wellbeing and live happier lives. 

As I always say:

We G R O W together!

-As a system of heart and soul-


In love and gratitude xxxxx,