8 Stress-Relief Tips for First-Time Parents

8 Stress-Relief Tips for First-Time Parents 

I've worked with so many parents and newborns in my career - especially in hospitals, schools and various non-profit organizations and it is SUCH a joy to see parents connect with their new bundles of joy - here are 8 tips you can use if you are a first-time parent on what to expect and to relieve stress:

1) Make sure you AND your baby are staying nourished and hydrated, as it can be SO easy to get caught up in all of the things to do 

2) Sleep is VITAL for everyone involved

3) It's important for parents to have a good open line of communication in terms of everything that needs to be done (try using a dry erase board with a list or chart of things to do each day or week) - no need to add any extra stress

4) The simple things such as: how to change a diaper, what food to make, how to hold and communicate with the baby (verbally and non-verbally) and especially how to listen for a baby's different cries of hunger, sadness, feeling under-the-weather and more are AMAZING skills to have for down the road

5) Don't be afraid to ask for help from others or to seek help from resources - this is such a time of wonderful transition and your well-being and that of the baby's is most important

6) B r e a t h e.  Now would be a great time to practice taking deep breaths whenever needed - it'll also help calm the baby down, too, if the baby is cuddling with you! :)

7) Stay organized: Have a place for everything and everything in its place

8) Have fun!  I see families getting very overwhelmed at times (understandably, of course) and if you're not having much fun, then chances are that the baby isn't, either. Use this as a fun, gorgeous time to get to know your babies facial expressions, joys, interests, moods, and more (and p.s.: try massaging your baby to create a deeper level of connection)!

Are you a parent who is searching for extra guidance and needs someone to talk to?  Schedule a free 30-minute session with me here! Happy to connect xx