Shifting Your Focus to the Good In Life

Shifting Your Focus to the Good In Life

At a time when many new beginnings are occurring in school, life and work - a reminder:

When we focus on the things that are going wrong in life, we tend to feel not worthy of more

When we focus on what is going right in life (the people who are there for us, self-care habits, opportunities, a purpose of some sort, the money we have for (food, living, etc.) and things coming up in the future and such): we feel a sense of being FULFILLED

We can easily take one thing and have it mess up our day

We can easily take one interaction with someone close to us and take it the wrong way

We can easily react with anger and frustration at the person who cut us off in traffic

But instead, I urge you to make a conscious effort to practice just shrugging it off, saying positive things to uplift yourself and moving FORWARD

In a year or even a week from now: will this minor thing really matter?

Remember: it is what you CHOOSE to focus on that helps you feel blessed

We can't control how others react to us, but we CAN control how we react to other people or situations that come up

When you are open, giving and loving (genuinely and intentionally), that is when you will allow for it to come back to you in a variety of ways and blessings - this is something that I have practiced daily for the past few years and teach so many others (not just families) about

-What little or large thing can you focus on right now that is going well in your life (and you can choose 1 thing or many)?

  • Did you get more sleep than yesterday?

  • Did your child eat enough before school?

  • Did that person say 'hello' to you and help you out in some way?

  • Do you have enough money to pay for x, y or z right now?

  • In what ways are you on a journey to success?

  • In what ways are you successful right now?

I hope this helps you when you need it the most!

Big love,


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