Tips for Recharging: Doing Less to Be More #DigitalDetox

For Parents: Creating a New Self-Care Routine

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I recently decided to take an entire week away from social media after going non-stop for 2.5 months. My body told me to take a huge break, my mind couldn’t focus and just wanted to sleep and my heart just wasn’t emotionally-there for anyone or anything.

I’ve done weekend-long or day-long breaks from social media, but never a week. It came at a time when I was building amazing momentum for my career and friendships, etc. so it didn’t quite make sense from a business perspective but I always have to come back to my own guidance:

“If I am not living and leading from a place of flow, joy and ease…how can I be a container of that for others, too?”

Now, this doesn’t just pertain to my coaching clients or colleagues or whomever, but in guiding moms and dads to see that they don’t have to be “supermom” or “superdad” to be “good enough” - it can be eye-opening to see that we all just need to be our HUMAN selves.

If we want more time in our lives, we’ll need to make moments/seconds/minutes/hours.

If we want more joy in our lives, we’ll need to find reasons to be joyful.

If we want more abundance and money, we’ll need to allow ourselves to RECEIVE it in any form. Abundance can come in the form of love, friendship, joyful moments, indulgences, vacations, promotions, etc.

Along the way of all of this - we need to learn how to ask for help, say no to responding to those messages immediately sometimes and showing up to be present to social media less so that we can really think clearly.

How you can joyfully allow family time to happen while you are still there for YOU?