Emotions & Essential Oils


You know, one of the first things that I learned about essential oils were not why they smelled certain ways, but their emotional properties. As a parent coach, I talk all the time to families, educators and even high school and college students about how a simple scent can effect your mood.

As you see above in the wheel of emotions - various types of oils and from different parts of the plant (florals, trees, spices, etc.) are best used for different SPECIFIC feelings such as hurt, grieving and disinterested. When I embarked on my DoTerra journey years ago, I was also at the beginning stages of another point in my career and needed something besides all of the ideas in my head to help me stay focused and present and uplifted for a period of time daily no matter what kind of day I was having - Motivate Touch (a lovely diluted rollerball blend of Peppermint, Clementine, Yuzu, Basil, Melissa, Rosemary and Vanilla) did just that on my wrists, stomach, feet and back of the neck.

Overtime, I went on to love oils like Peace on my heart when I was having an overwhelming day and needed to sleep well and Console to use as a lovely perfume (rose + sandalwood), but to recommend and gift to MANY people over the years who were experiencing loss and moving through a time of transition.

They say that we will find what we need the most when we least expect it, and that is EXACTLY how I found DoTerra (see previous blog post) and why I encourage others to be present, intuitive - and most importantly - open to what their minds, bodies and spirits and needing at the time. From men to women, young children to the elderly and beyond - scent and our senses are beautiful, powerful gifts that we can rely on in so many ways.