A Growth Mindset: 4 Reasons to Elevate

A Growth Mindset: 4 Reasons to Elevate

There are mindsets of all kinds: optimism, negativity, abundance, lack, and so forth.  Enter a growth mindset: a concept that I have been studying, practicing and utilizing with myself, loved ones and parents for the past year.  A growth mindset is the ability to see above and beyond your current circumstance AND then some. To see possibilities AND then to trust that the best possible solution will occur.

Here are 4 practical ways to incorporate a growth mindset into the lives of you and your family:

1) Instead of saying, "It never happened", try saying: "It never happened YET"

2) Using gratitude: Whenever we are looking at life from a lacking, negative perspective, it's important to look at the underlying foundation that is giving us the goodness.  For example, "I failed my exam - BUT, I am grateful that I had the opportunity to practice and see my strengths and weaknesses." 

3) The next time you feel overwhelmed as a parent and that “nothing is going your way”, try recognizing that you have the power to not only change your thoughts, but your own actions. Try saying to yourself, “Some things are still going my way, because I woke up today, fed myself, and didn’t get as angry or lash out as I normally would or didn’t let that stop me from telling someone how I am feeling.”

4) Writing out affirmations such as “I am beautiful” or “I am strong” or “I can get through this day” and then taping them to your mirror or reminding yourself on your phone can be really powerful to have a positive environment literally in front of you - this trains your brain to start thinking a new way and you are expanding your mind in the process.

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