Mindfulness, Self-Care and Recovery

Mindfulness, Self-Care and Recovery

In my work as a mental health advocate (alongside being a family educator), I also teach fun, meaningful weekend classes as a service to those who are in recovery or who are professionals working with those in recovery at my local West Virginia University's Serenity Place (an amazing center for healing, recovery and mindfulness).  

I teach classes on:

  • Journaling and self-expression
  • Using essential oils and sensory aromatherapy for self-care
  • Meditation and mindfulness for rejuvenation (with techniques to try at home on your own)

I love working as a mental health and mindfulness advocate in general because it is always a great reminder for me that what we go through, we grow through just as a lotus (which is the flower in the logo for Beauty In Parenting) blooms through mud and is beautiful.  

Here are some resources that I highly recommend which my students have found really helpful in their lives:

Practice You journal by Elena Brower for self-awareness

Essential Oils for emotional balance (Emotional Aromatherapy Collection) by DoTerra 

Yoga for 12-step recovery (y12sr) (for more information on yoga and recovery, click here)

A simple, 5-minute meditation for forgiveness from Awaken.Yoga (by teacher Alexa Silvaggio)