5 Ways to Harness The Power of Movement

5 Ways to Harness The Power of Movement

I've learned in life that whether I had a 9-5 job or a more flexible schedule as a parent coach, I still needed that bit of time on my own each day to move around so that:

a) I can move away from my phone and computer screens

b) I could get some "me" time in

c) I could stay on top of my physical fitness

d) I could have the physical energy, mental clarity of peace of mind to then tackle my day in a productive way


Here are 5 ways that you can add some movement to your day:

1)  Park further away from your workplace or any location you need to get to and, whenever possible, take the stairs and opt out of the elevator or short route

2)  Got a phone meeting or conversation that is stressing you out?  If you can, try going for a walk (with headphones in) while you're having the meeting to get some steps in. (p.s.: safety first on the sidewalks/stairs!)

3) Are you someone who doesn't like to do household chores?  Split things up so that you are doing a bit of cleaning/organizing each day!  That way, you can end up having more time for yourself by the end of the week!

4) Try out a new fitness/cardio/dance/movement class on Friday nights!  It can be fun to get together with friends for a new kind of "happy hour" and also get some fitness in :)

5) Spending a lot of time with your pets sitting around?  Try going for a run or playing with them in the park - this builds so much connection and you BOTH get a nice workout in! :)