Bring more presence into your life and wellbeing with these resources for parents and children which I use on a daily basis and wholeheartedly recommend!

Practice You

Practice You is author, mother, and yoga and meditation teacher Elena Brower's latest bestselling work of art for both parents and children on self-awareness as a daily ritual - all handpainted by the luminary, herself to make the artwork look three-dimensional.  Each page of this affordable 160-page journal includes colorful self-love prompts for relating to oneself and humanity. I have taught classes on this journal and each meeting is incredibly-fun and insightful! View the NEW beautiful companion deck of cards here

Meddy Teddy

Meddy Teddy is the innovative teddy bear that is not just adorable, but is so double-jointed that he poses just like the yogi or yogini that is YOU.  Perfect for families with an interest in yoga and meditation or who desire a cute alternative to the traditional soft toy.  Also check out the new Meddy Teddy book and Kindle edition!


Awaken.Yoga is an app and online platform that takes meditation and yoga to a whole other level with its blend of both traditional and modern classes, such as Wrist & Neck Stretches, a Cultivating Confidence Meditation and a yoga sequence for Grounding and Energizing.  Available to watch on-the-go via phone, computer and tablet, this fun platform was created by 3 bi-coastal yogis with varying styles that perfectly complement one another: Shannon Algeo, Alexa Silvaggio & Jessie Barr.





These handy guides I use all the time with families and anyone who is in need of pairing an essential oil or two with a specific emotion - whether positive or negative (for example: Wild Orange gives a feeling of abundance (which is in the Joy category of oils) and Cardamom is great for self-control and managing feelings of anger). 

The book lists all of DoTerra's individual oils and blends and more information on mind-body connection and emotions - and the laminated wheel is PERFECT for the visual learner