She is always really fun and sweet to talk to! Really helped me to manage the stress of being a new mom during the first year - I can’t thank her enough for all the times when I needed someone to chat with and learn from!
— Lauren, South Carolina
It was really lovely having direct phrases to communicate more with my child and partner, as I felt less stress and more equipped to manage things in the future and love myself more in the process.
— E.D., Australia

Empower Yourself and Your Family with tools for:

CONFIDENCE-building + growth mindset


self-care practicES + guided meditation

honoring your intuition + leadership abilities

Highly-Sensitive Traits + strengths

wellness with essential oils by doterra

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 family wellness

Explore natural options for you and your family's overall wellbeing using the power of concentrated plant essences - from immune support and managing emotions to skincare and eco-friendly home offerings, you’ll definitely be able to find items from DoTerra that work well for you. 

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Custom Essential Oil Blends

I also create essential oil rollerball blends for 5 different areas of your life: rest, mental focus, physical energy, emotional support and grounding/balancing your energy (and other fun blends from time-to-time) - these all contain a unique variety of oils that customers LOVE using daily!

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1-on-1 guided meditation + mindset session (virtual or local)

Want to treat yourself? Experience deep peace in your mind and body for 30-minutes as I guide you through a meditation (created for your needs) via a video call on Skype/FaceTime/Zoom (from the comfort of your own space) or in-person (Morgantown, West Virginia, USA) with some gorgeous music and mindset techniques that you can specifically use for yourself in the future - others especially enjoy how peaceful AND confident they feel afterwards! :)

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