why 1-on-1 parent coaching?

I believe that a coaching session should feel like a beautiful, loving and meaningful chat with a really great mentor who cares wholeheartedly about the needs of you and your loved ones - you walk away feeling seen, heard and - most importantly - lighter and more empowered no matter what you are handling at the moment!

I’m here to:

  • Help you both during and between sessions to find clear solutions around problems you and/or your children are experiencing with self-regulation, communication, confidence, self-care, anxiety, deep emotions, academics and times of transition

  • Empower you with proactive techniques for self-care, a growth mindset and role playing with different scenarios that are effective enough (and enhance what already works) so that issues don’t keep repeating themselves

  • Remind you of all of the ways in which you can keep connecting with yourself, family and others for less stress and more joy now and in the future!

  • I specialize in help with parents, babies, toddlers, teens and also those who are highly-sensitive!

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 What Parents Are Saying:

It’s SO nice to speak with someone and not feel judged for your concerns - and to also have someone make time for you to be heard is so important to me as a parent and human being!
— E.M. in Georgia, United States
I really loved hearing her perspective and experiences and how she could relate to what I was going through with my daughter - she’s very compassionate and helped me to be more mindful.
— K.A. in Maine, United States
After working with her, my children and I saw a huge shift in how we thought about and connected with one another. Now we all have a loving, fun relationship!
— A. M. in West Virginia, United States

Coaching Packages

Short-Term Coaching

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Long-Term Coaching Options

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