Hello! Why I do what I do :)

It has become so clear to me in my life that we, as human beings, need love and support early on in order to grow.

That we, as human beings, need love and support continually throughout our lives to connect and feel as though we belong. 

It all starts with ourselves.

Nothing happens in life without a sense of self-worth, self-love, confidence, and resilience.  Nothing. 

I lacked 3 out of these 4 things throughout my life.  

The one thing that I did have?


I absolutely love the joy of working with children and parents and only want to see the best for families.  It is my mission to serve others and to help others empower themselves--just as I learned to empower myself.

I hope that in this blog and through my services, I am able to help provide others with a sense of ease and fulfillment in their lives.  To show them that life really does not have to be "hard".  That life is as you see it and feel through your own eyes and body and soul.

With infinite amounts of love and gratitude,