I’m here to help you and your family to happily connect!

I believe in you and know that parenting can be stressful, exhausting and feel lonely at times - in my 10+ years of experience guiding parents and children of all ages in schools, hospitals and non-profit organizations, there is nothing that surprises me when a parent comes to me for help. You want to feel seen, heard, uplifted on some level and, most importantly, like you and your family are on the right track developmentally and in connecting!

As a worldwide parent coach, motivational speaker, meditation teacher and DoTerra Wellness Advocate, I’m here to help you through virtual and in-person parent coaching, guided meditation, upcoming events and essential oils so that both you AND your baby, toddler and teen can feel more in tune, collaborative, confident and at ease!

Praise from parents all ovER:

She is always really fun and sweet to talk to! Really helped me to manage the stress of being a new mom during the first year - I can’t thank her enough for all the times when I needed someone to chat with and learn from!
— Lauren, South Carolina
As a dad, she was really supportive in helping me to not feel shame in taking care of my mental health with great ways to be mindful of my breath - I appreciate how positive and present she is!
— Tim, United Kingdom
It was really lovely having direct phrases to communicate more with my child and partner, as I felt less stress and more equipped to manage things in the future and love myself more in the process.
— E.D., Australia
Her knowledge of oils is really wonderful and she is so great to respond to me quickly through messaging - helped my little one and I to feel happier, connected and not so stressed!
— Charlotte, Minnesota

Curious about how exactly to use essential oils to help your family for stress relief, sleep, skincare and around the house? Email me at hello@beautyinparenting.com to receive free custom samples/gifts and more info!


Parent Coach for Babies, Toddlers & Teens

Meditation Teacher, Motivational Speaker & DoTerra Wellness Advocate

Proud member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)

Empower Yourself and Your Family with tools for:

CONFIDENCE-building + growth mindset

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION + Positive affirmations

self-care practicES + guided meditation

Natural wellness with essential oils by doterra

honoring your intuition + leadership abilities

 family wellness

Explore natural options for you and your family's overall wellbeing using the power of concentrated plant essences - from immune support and managing emotions to skincare and eco-friendly home offerings, you’ll definitely be able to find items from DoTerra that work well for you. 

View a list of my blogs here for babies, toddlers, teens and you for quick tips on specific oil usage!

Custom Essential Oil Blends

I also create essential oil rollerball blends for 5 different areas of your life: rest, mental focus, physical energy, emotional support and grounding/balancing your energy (and other fun blends from time-to-time) - these all contain a unique variety of oils that customers LOVE using daily!

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1-on-1 guided meditation + mindset session (virtual or local)

Want to treat yourself? Experience deep peace in your mind and body for 30-minutes as I guide you through a short meditation (created for your needs) via a video call on Skype/FaceTime/Zoom (from the comfort of your own space) or in-person (Morgantown, West Virginia, USA) with some gorgeous music and also provide you with mindset techniques that you can specifically use for yourself in the future - others enjoy how peaceful AND confident they feel afterwards!

This session is especially perfect for new moms, parents and children who have trouble sleeping and anyone who wishes to start their day with less stress mentally and physically!

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My Interview on Bridging the Gap Podcast with Dr. Stem on Breathwork, Positive Affirmations & Joyful Self-Care for Parents and Teens

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